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Instead of all this, Hesse proclaims a contemplative, deeply mitative attitude, which prefers the leisure and tranquility of reflection, the pleasure of spiritual search: that peace of those who expect nothing. Already sitting in a tavern, with a few friends, after his last conference – which in the end was, like all of them, an expression of his talent turn into an annoying profession –, Hesse gives us this image of him, defin by detachment and the Franciscan joy of the small satisfactions that existence gives to those who dare to look beyond the hollow hustle and bustle of contemporary life:

Reworking Culture

I heard the most interesting conversations and discussions and I felt very happy, because all this did not concern me at all, it did not demand anything of me, it was just being interesting, and I could sit there, look at the intelligent and excit faces, drink the business email list Moselle and feel how sleep was approaching, and if I lik it, tomorrow I could sleep late, a whole day, a whole year, a whole century, no one want anything from me, no train whistl for me, no lecturer’s desk It was illuminat and decorat with the bottle of water waiting for me

Understood as Expression and

It is passages like this, constant in his fictional prose and in his essayistic work, that mov me deeply during my first dabbles in the work of this great writer and persuad me that literature, in addition to giving us beauty, takes us into the enigmas of the human spirit, territory Phone Number List of restlessness, but also of fugitive plenitude. Hermann Hesse: the peace of those who expect nothing I would not exaggerate – to mention something and returning to the point with which I open this text – if, referring to the impact that Steppenwolf had on me – the first work of his that I read, as I already said – I consider it decisive.

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