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Create a superior customer experience and compete on an equal foot with new digital players. Regard the last entry relat decisions, mention digital talent marks the near-term future of organizations. Enterprise Resource Plann, Cloud Human Resources, Small Business News. In the digital revolution, analysts have emphasiz that enterprises around the world have gun digital transformation, while the scope of digital transformation in our country is smaller.

 The techno economic and social disruption

We live in is chang everyth. If your organization isn’t already immers in it, now is the time to embark on the journey. Almost no trains can pass. HR is a key element in the transition to a relational world through digitalization and the Russia Phone Number Database impact is universal. Your business strategy must therefore take into account this reality and in turn adapt to make the most of the situation. In addition to the emergence of new business management tools and solutions.

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That significantly enhance our capabilities

To the past we also fac the consolidation of a paradigm shift. the machinery or technology of the first and second industrial revolutions in the industrial age, respectively, but human capital that can generate innovation and differentiation bas France Phone Number List Phone on other production factors has come the real spe-shift lever. Even so those responsible for human resources must pay special attention to the so-call age of digital residents, in which people use all the technologies at their disposal to live in a world of digital relationships.

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