The maturity of Spanish SMEs

I recently published the results of a survey I launched as a way to prepare to write my new marketing book , and the main conclusion was clear: companies need a marketing mentor to guide them every step of the way . But look at the testimonials from marketing mentoring , the same thing happens! It seems that when we want to set up a project (whether it is a venture or within your company), there is a clear tendency to set it up with practically no budget and in many cases it is done alone. For each project we must be clear about the minimum resources to launch it: team, budget, time, etc. Thinking about this, i

This is the testimony of Marisa Díaz (founding partner

Trener Consulting in Monterrey, Mexico). Marisa and her team were clear that if they wanted to launch the new brand with a solid digital foundation, they needed someone to provide them with the necessary experience to define the appropriate strategy and guide them in its execution. As the Mexican expression goes, which they themselves have internalized for their consultant, they .  Needed the voice on their shoulder to accompany them along the way. I leave you category email list the video of the testimony, and right after that the most notable phrases. I hope you like it and it inspires you! Every business needs a mentor to guide them Below I leave you the most outstanding phrases with their opinions.  Our lack was marketing and we were looking for someone who was different, who would give us a personalized service, who had a lot of experience and, above all, a human side.

Our initial intention was to evolve,

And this is what we were able to find in the talent that Tristan has in this area. It was a constant challenge. There was theory, but also practice. As consultants we dedicate ourselves to.   The essence of businesses, to making them unique and successful, and leading them to meet challenges. It was our turn to immerse ourselves in this path of .  Digital marketing. The entire journey was a very challenging experience. There is always Phone Number List one more step to take, one more ladder to climb. We learned to see marketing from another perspective, modernize ourselves.  Know that businesses must evolve. I highly recommend working with .  Tristan. All businesses need, as we say at Trener, the voice on your shoulder, the voice that is advising you. 

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