The question of eternity – How long should blog texts be?

When I started thinking about the body of this post, below you can see how many different questions and tips came to my mind.

What do you think, could I have summarized all of this in 300 words?

I would have if I had just left this list in the post. Some of these points are such that they work just as well as an independent line. But if I had left in the list “Don’t start from the beginning, but from the middle”, this already needs a little more opening, doesn’t it?

There is no fixed length, but if you look at it from an SEO point of view, the length should be 1200+ words per blog post.

After that, I would expect clear instructions, maybe even with pictures or videos. I have paid attention to the fact that entrepreneurs assume that customers know how certain things work. That’s why they don’t tell those little details.

For example, how to care for eyelashes at home. This may be told superficially after the eyelashes have already been applied. But at that point, the customer admires the end result and all the instructions that are said fall on deaf ears.

Don’t assume that the customer already knows everything

He doesn’t know, and it’s not his job to know. Your task is to tell and justify.

Yes, a comprehensive and informative Brazil Phone Number List post. But as a customer, I want to know these. The truth is that some of your customers already know these things. But people for whom applying eyelashes for the first time is topical, do not know.

In this case, the post can be titled “What is good for you to know when you come to apply eyelashes for the first time?” or “First time with eyelash extensions? Read these instructions”

Then only those people for whom the topic is topical will get the information they need. Those for whom the topic is not current won’t even come to read and that’s fine!

The blog text is always targeted at a limited audience, so that we can serve them in the best possible way.

The good thing about this is that when a new customer sends  a message or email and asks these questions, instead of spending 5 minutes to answer, you can just direct the reader to read the post.

Text too dry? Do like this! The question

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Animate text with synonyms or write stories. For example, there are many synonyms for the word happy, such as:

  • pleased
  • bucked
  • pleased
  • happy
  • excited
  • hilarious
  • Eloise
  • in good spirits

Each of us has different stories that we can use to liven up blog posts. Usually we just don’t remember them when we write. That’s why you should write down these stories regularly.

What kind of words convince?

I’ve been talking for years about Phone Number List  the fact that words describing uncertainty should be removed from the content. There is also a nice term for this, i.e. conditional.

In other words, avoid isi forms:

  • would you like
  • you might
  • you could.

When you write, be sure about it. Confidence is visible and audible and lowers the purchase threshold.

  • You might like = you like
  • If you want = when you’ve decided
  • You might like this = I know you will like this

Notice how different the words sound?

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