There are still upright professionals

I want to talk to you about a topic that is out of the ordinary on this blog. It’s a story about integrity. So simple and at the same time so impactful, that it has inspired me to write this article. A true story about integrity Today I received a call that left me stunned. It is the first time, or at least I don’t remember another occasion, in more than 20 years of professional career that someone has such a detail with me. I summarize the situation. Before Christmas last year I was preparing a course for an organization (we defined the program, I coordinated with potential collaborators, we recorded a promotional video, I began to define the presentation, etc.), but for strategic reasons, totally understandable, the course It was postponed with the commitment to launch it in 2022.

After 4-6 months since the last conversation

 I had no news from them. This morning they called me to apologize for not having contacted me sooner and to tell me that unfortunately the program was permanently cancelled. They still had the same impediments and did not see it as viable. Up to this point it already seemed something exceptional to me just for the fact that I had called and apologized. Normally companies limit themselves to top industry data saying nothing. But the most impressive thing is that they wanted me to issue them an invoice to compensate me for the time invested. At first I told them no, just with the call it seemed like a big detail to me, but they have insisted saying that it is the minimum. That their professional reputation came first and that they could not allow the situation to remain like this. The work done must be compensated.

What is integrity?

Once we have seen the example with my brief story and the definition of integrity. We are able to think about our daily lives. How many professionals do you know who have this level of integrity? With clients with whom we already have a close relationship, these things happen more frequently. But how many times has something similar happened Phone Number List to you in the commercial field? I hope you have experienced some similar situations, but surely you can count them on one hand and have fingers to spare. And most importantly, what percentage do they represent with respect to the total? I imagine that a very low number, right? Learning about integrity at work Recognizing mistakes is profitable: not only is it part of an upright behavior as professionals, 

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