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Emails to prospects with ucational content even the best and most promising leads may ne to be nurtur because they are not yet ready for direct dialogue with sellers.dem campaigns for b2b 2. Update emails for customers those who have already purchas or are now loyal customers of the company still ne attention. First of all. It is important to make them feel part of a community to increase retention ; if you have recently launch a new product or service. You can use the news to share innovations with customers who may be interest. 3.

Lead nurturing these are personaliz

A very different objective than increasing site traffic. These emails are structur to continue interacting with contacts who have already shown an Business Lead interest in the company’s proposal and offer them an increasingly better experience. The most important thing is to make sure you never bother prospects with email campaigns; to do this. Keep texts short and workflows (the number of emails sent in the lead nurturing process) limit. As a rule. You should not go beyond three emails. But if the sales cycle lasts more than 30 days.

According to best practices

business lead

Analysis of statistics when we talk about dem campaigns for b22. Data tracking is an essential component: the most obvious metrics are the opening Phone Number List rate and the click-through rate to be monitor at least every month. Other useful statistics are the percentage of contacts who unsubscribe from the newsletter. The rate of emails actually deliver and forward. A high number of unsubscribes may mean that you have poorly target lists or that you are sending too many emails.

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