What are your experiences with affiliate marketing?

What are your experiences with affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is still a relatively unknown concept in Finland. Those who have produced content for a long time, bloggers and influencers do know what affiliate marketing is.

In a nutshell, this is partnership marketing. You like the company’s products and you have a channel through which you reach people. The channel can be one of the social media channels or a blog, YouTube or podcast. People are interested in you and what you talk or write about and the products fit the topic.

In this case, you can register in affiliate networks, such as Adtraction

and search there for suitable companies Denmark Phone Number List whose products you want to recommend to your followers, readers or listeners. In connection with the recommendation, you share a personal referral link that you get from Adtraction, and when people click on the link and buy the product you recommend (or another product), the company pays you a commission, i.e. a small slice of the purchase price.

The company will first transfer the money to Adtraction and it will transfer the money to you.

But what are the experiences with affiliate marketing in general? That’s what I’ll tell you about in this post.

What are your experiences with affiliate marketing?

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Experiences vary greatly from side to side. Many people imagine that affiliate marketing is just talking about a product and then adding affiliate links here and there. But if you think about it for a moment, you don’t buy products randomly yourself, but do the necessary background work before making a purchase decision.

In affiliate marketing, the most important Phone Number List thing is to help the reader make a purchase decision. That is, to tell about the product as comprehensively as possible, so that the purchase decision is easy to make. Here is a good example of how not to do affiliate marketing .

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