What is a CDP? All about customer data platforms

A customer data platform, or customer data platform in English, is software used to collect customer data from different sources. Due to its characteristics, it can be integrated with other systems so that the vision obtained is more complete. In this way, opportunities and threats can be identified that improve the performance of the business in question. In this article, we tell you what a CDP is and how it works. What is a CDP and what is it used for? It is a software capable of creating a comprehensive database of customers . Said data, which is collected and unified, comes from various sources. When combined, the vision generated and the understanding of customers is more complete and coherent , since more aspects are taken into account than in other standard databases.

Data unification and enrichment

Regarding their purpose, the functions for which they are used are the following: Collect and unify all first-hand data. By consolidating information from multiple sources (such as social media interactions, transaction data, CRM, or digital marketing), CDPs provide a -degree view of the customer. It uses machine learning , which understands Kuwait Phone Number Data and interprets consumer behavior to personalize campaigns and detect business opportunities. It is an interface with original and centralized customer data, which also allows the creation of unique profiles, but within anonymity. Customer data management.

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Greater competitiveness and efficiency

Through such precise customer segmentation, efficient data organization is facilitated and marketing strategies and customer service are personalized. But always respecting consent and data protection regulations. Customer data activation. Consent facilitates the unification and structuring of customer profiles. These are segmented into Belize Phone Number List audiences on each channel or platform used. With this information, campaigns are personalized to improve customer retention  To expand customer understanding and thus be able to adopt a multidimensional view that integrates different areas, it is necessary to rely on different types of data .

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