What is SEO : Google’s evolution of EAT

In the world of SEO, Google has implemented an important evolution known as EEAT , which values ​​the creator’s experience. This change, which took place at the end of , reflects the importance that Google places on the quality and relevance of online content. In this article, we will explain what EAT originally meant in the SEO space and how it has evolved into EEAT, focusing on the experience, authority and trustworthiness of the creators . What was EAT in the field of SEO? EAT, an acronym for Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trust , became a fundamental concept within the field of SEO. These three characteristics were used as key indicators to evaluate the quality of the content and reliability of the websites.

The arrival of the Medical Update

The EAT acquired special relevance in the context of YMYL (Your Money or Your Life), which refers to online content that can have a significant impact on the health, finances or well-being of users. Google recognized the importance of ensuring. Similarly that users have access to trusted and accurate information in critical areas of their lives . The Taiwan Phone Number Data arrival of the Medical Update To address this challenge, Google implemented important updates, such as the Medical Update, which specifically focused on improving the quality. Of results related to medical information . The central idea behind this update was that high-impact medical content should be created by experts and supported by reliable sources. Google worked hard to identify and promote the best medical content.

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What changes did the EEAT bring?

To do this, he discarded a large amount of erroneous or potentially harmful information. As a result, websites and content creators who demonstrated. Medical expertise, authority, and trust were rewarded with higher rankings. Similarly in health-related search results . This allowed end users to access reliable, evidence-based information. Similarly Ultimately Egypt Phone Number List Google created a safer and more useful search experience. The Medical Update was a highly relevant update, but not the only one of its kind. Google rolled out similar updates for other. Critical  investments, loans, taxes, among others. EEAT What changes did the EEAT bring? EEAT, an acronym for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness.

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