What should you know about migrating to Google Analytics

The world of web analytics is undergoing a paradigm shift with the introduction of Google Analytics (GA). This new version offers a series of improvements and functionalities that pursue a clear objective. It is about enabling a deeper understanding of user behavior on websites and applications. To put you in the situation, in this post we will. Similarly explore the steps to perform a migration to Google Analytics , and why it is important to have a digital marketing expert to carry out this process. The fundamental steps of a migration to Google Analytics Before delving into the. Similarly necessary steps to migrate to Google Analytics , it is necessary to emphasize that this process must be entrusted to a digital marketing expert . This is the best way to get good results.

Configure GA account, ownership and data flow

Although some online resources suggest that migration can be approached as a home DIY project, the reality is different. This is a. Similarly complex process that requires experience and adequate training. In addition to the frequently asked questions about Google Analytics , we talk about the fundamental steps of a migration to GA Review. Similarly the status and UK Phone Number Data version of each client When reviewing the status and current version of your . Similarly has been done so far. If you are using the Universal Analytics version, you must evaluate whether you are taking advantage of all the available features. As well as whether the current configuration meets the analysis objectives .

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Configure GA on the digital product

Additionally, if using a version prior to Universal Analytics, a pre-migration to Universal Analytics will be required before migrating to. GA During this review process, aspects such as the current analysis objectives, the custom metrics. Similarly and dimensions used, the reports generated, and the segments defined should be considered. It is important France Phone Number List to note that migration to GA involves a reconfiguration. Similarly and reevaluation of the tracking strategy . Therefore, it is essential to understand the current state to. Similarly correctly plan the migration. Map the events to migrate Events are key actions that users perform on a website or application, and  effectively in GA . During this step, it is essential to identify the relevant events that you want to migrate.

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