You can control how the site looks on social media

Editing homepages is convenient.

You don’t need any coding or graphics skills. Editing an individual page is easy by just clicking on the page name on the left side.

In this example, there is a blog in the top navigation. However, keeping a blog through this program does not make sense, as you would have to create a separate page for each blog entry and manually link it to the program. This is starting to get quite tedious and heavy. So I very strongly recommend that you use this program only on the expert or coaching side. By clicking the image of the wheel and then the “Edit Page Settings” link.  You can edit the page’s SEO settings and the social media view.

First you can change the name of the page

When you write, for example, “INFO” instead of “ABOUT”, the word also changes in the top navigation. At this point, it is good to note that you cannot connect your own domain to these homepages, so you can only edit the end of the permalink. In the image below, I should therefore change the word “about” in the “URL Slug” to “information” so that the url is correct.

I can remove this from the Albania Phone Number List navigation of that page entirely if it doesn’t seem relevant. Or I can make it into a draft or the front page of the site. When I’m done, I just hit “Save” or go to the SEO tab at the top of the box.On the SEO tab, I can edit the SEO title of the page. Since this is an example, I named the page with the word “test”. However, you should name the page with your company name or your own name if it is an expert brand. In the “SEO Page Description” section, I can write the so-called meta description. This short text will appear in Google search results.

You can control how the site looks on social media

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You can also add, for example, the Google Analytics code to the page, but I don’t recommend it. In accordance with the current cookie policy, visitors must be asked for permission to store cookies. Since it cannot be done through this program, I do not recommend Phone Number List  collecting any data with Google Analytics. You can then add the Google Analytics code to either your WordPress or Squarespace site when you switch to them from this program.

The website is fully mobile-optimized, which means that it is easy and effortless to use, whether the visitor is visiting your website on a computer, mobile phone or tablet.

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