AliExpress: SEO to position your products well in this marketplace

On AliExpress, SEO is a very important concept and in many cases it becomes the key to success. Currently, more than , small and  companies in Spain use this popular marketplace. And it is a platform in which. Despite high competition, the door is  to a very wide audience. But to be seen. It is essential to have good SEO positioning that allows. The user to be presented with the product they are looking for. AliExpress: guide to doing SEO in this marketplace SEO is a key aspect for e-commerce, especially in times of crisis and in areas and. Platforms where there is high competition between different companies that offer similar products. Knowing the importance of SEO on AliExpress can be the factor that determines whether customers choose your products over those of your competition.

AliExpress: guide to doing SEO in this marketplace

So what needs to be done so that, on AliExpress. The SEO of your products is as optimized as possible? Optimized titles The first step for users to find your brand and position your products as best as possible is to have optimized titles for the items you want to sell. This title may have a maximum of characters , which we must make the most of. It Poland Phone Number Data is recommended to use the following structure. Start with the brand name and model of the product. Specify the material. Key features of the item. Attributes. Keywords depending on the category. Although using this structure will be beneficial for positioning, it is important not to forget that the title must sound as natural as possible and must be understandable to the buyer.

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Correct product categories

Correct product categories Categories are one of the essential. Aspects of SEO and, on AliExpress. The SEO of a product will be more optimized. If said product is categorized correctly. It is important to choose an appropriate general category. And accompany it with the corresponding sub-categories . In this way, by being in the correct. Product Croatia Phone Number List categor. It will be much easier and faster for the customer to find the product from your store or company. If characteristics. Of tcompeting items. Completed attributes Attributes are another key element to improve the positioning of a product on AliExpress.

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