Take mobile phones as an example

From artificial intelligence to social networks In this era of accelerat change we must learn to adapt or come irrelevant. Smartphones and their apps have come almost accessories to our bodies. We use our phones to take photos and videos, listen to music, watch TV, interact with our voice, it even asks us about our mood, tells us how to get to a certain address, checks the news, checks the weather forecast, it suggests what to buy, we buy, we check account status, we make payments, we control household items.

It Connect with our cars it tells us

How far we have walk and we communicate on social networks. We even use it to talk to other people although less and less. If in Venezuela Number Database our daily life we adopt all the technological advances that make our life easier and more efficient then why don’t we do the same in our companies? In fact in almost half of the business structures in Spain the digital transformation process has only just gun start.

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Although most companies see the ne to adapt

They still in the first embryonic stages of digitalization and still learn new digital tools and know how to apply them. Company managers must understand that they must make significant cultural changes for digital transformation to guide their Kenya Phone Number List strategies. A large part of the company’s success will depend on it. This is not a simple problem but we have to solve it. Our competitors definitely already us chatbots to serve their customers.

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