Calls to action (CTA, Call To Action)

You could imagine that the reader will automatically buy from you when he comes to your blog and homepage. Unfortunately, the situation doesn’t quite work out that way. To get yourself a paying customer, you need to direct the reader forward from the post.

In other words, what you want him to do after finishing reading the post . My students know a couple of good tips on what you should actually do, instead of asking the reader to comment or share the post on social media.

With the help of these action prompts, the reader will also enjoy your blog longer, trust in you will be built even further and obstacles to purchase will be removed.

6. Statistics and analysis

Few blog posts generate income and sales after the first time they are written. Therefore, statistics must be studied and analyzed. If you direct the reader Iceland Phone Number List to get in touch, but there is no contact, then it is important to analyze the post.

Here I give the exact steps in my training .

You can use Google Analytics or some other analysis program to help with statistics. It is good if you can find out from the analysis how many times the post has been read and how long it has been enjoyed. After that, we can calculate certain key figures, which we can use to start developing and optimizing the blog text.

7. Optimization

Of course, search engine optimization is done before the blog text is published. But optimization can also be done afterwards. At this point, optimization means improving and developing the text even further in the light of statistics.

We find the posts that work and develop the ones that don’t.

8. Where does the money come from?

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One thing I get asked all the time is, “How do you make money blogging if you don’t have annoying ads on your blog?” 

The most important thing is to understand that the blog itself does not bring you money. The money always comes from the readers.I know it goes without saying, but many people forget this. So why should a reader give you their hard-earned money? It’s a harsh question, but it will help you understand how blogging makes money.

For you, the money comes from your Phone Number List  own product or service sales or affiliate/partnership marketing. During 7.5 years, I have made  an average of €138,532.20 in sales per year . Of course, the years vary and the first two years as an entrepreneur I made sales of less than €100,000 and in the years 2020 – 2022 the sales were divided between two limited companies.

My blog has been a 90% factor in every customer acquisition.I regularly hear from both clients and students that they found me through Google. Some have followed me for a longer time, some for a shorter time. But without the blog, I know I wouldn’t have been able to build such sales alone and with a small team.

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