Challenges and solutions for events during the coronavirus crisis

The coronavirus is posing a challenge for any in-person activity. Tourism has suffered the unspeakable (for hotels and restaurants it has gone very badly, and for rural accommodation it has gone almost the same as last year), events are having to reinvent themselves looking for hybrid formats, new ways of holding online events with greater interaction …. It is a new and changing situation. It is a difficult situation, but at the same time it represents an exciting challenge. We have to reinvent ourselves! We do not know how long we will have to be in this situation of limiting movements and gatherings, but we cannot stop. Some of the things you are going to read will only apply during this crisis and others will stay. We’ll see which ones. As I have commented in previous articles, the main change revolves around the same idea;

Challenges of events during the COVID-19 crisis

To correctly define the challenges, let’s start by defining its base value contributions, what are its main ingredients? Events basically have three ingredients: content , networking and entertainment . If we combine them, we are talking about what defines whether the event has been a success or not: the customer experience . The content part industry email list is the one that requires the least adaptation during the pandemic. As before, for the event to be a success, you need good programming and top-level speakers. This hasn’t changed much. The problem comes with the in-person parts of the event: networking and entertainment . How do we carry them out in digital formats?

Networking is one of the most difficult parts

And finally there are all those activities that we can organize around the event, but their ultimate purpose is to entertain and care for the attendee. From catering to a performance, stands, etc. The customer experience results from the correct combination of all ingredients . How do we ensure that the experience of our attendees is equal to or more satisfactory than at an in-person event? How do we differentiate ourselves from the avalanche of webinars that arrive in our inboxes ? From the initial Phone Number List approach to the future of events during the pandemic that I just made, we can deduce the following challenges: Customer experience : how to provide an equal or better customer experience with 100% digital events? This is the fundamental challenge from which other more specific challenges arise.

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