Solutions for events during the COVID-19 crisis

The challenges we face are enormous and we can face them with a multitude of approaches. As with marketing , we are in the moment of reinventing ourselves. The solutions that you are going to read are intended to be an approach to what events may be in the coming months and years. Fewer, smaller and higher quality events Organizing an event, one that really has possibilities, has become much more complicated. I think that the average size of events, at least in the short term, will be smaller. It is possible that when we find the right format, we can scale them and organize even larger events, but for now I imagine them smaller in size.

Networking before and after the event

One of the fundamental pillars of events is networking. They are all the interactions that occur during and as a consequence of its celebration (the casual ones and those sought for a commercial agenda). This is one of the great strengths of the events; You bring together many people from the same or related sectors and provide them with a place to meet and interact. How do we achieve this with a digital category email list event? In recent years we have seen initiatives by ticketing companies that allowed you to contact all those who have the mobile application and have attended the event (and have given their permission to share their profile, of course ) . It’s a good first step, but my feeling is that it doesn’t quite work.

Content and entertainment at events: hybrid customer experiences

At this point we can respond to the rest of the objections that I listed at the beginning Phone Number List of the article. Well, we talk about the main components of the customer experience during the event. How can we create a relevant user experience in a 100% online event? How can we get our event to go from being “just another Zoom meeting”? We are limited because our assistant only has a computer, but this is where strategic thinking and creativity play a fundamental role. How can we break the digital barrier and integrate attendees into the event? Types of settings for conferences and event performances

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