Does anyone read my posts?

“Does anyone read my posts? Should I even write?”

These are very typical questions that my readers also ask and think about.

The short answer is:

  • It reads yes.
  • And it’s worth it.

We just have a bad habit of comparing ourselves to others, and that’s why we automatically assume that others are better than us and no one is interested in what we write.

However, the fact is that every person has a “demand”. My style of writing, teaching and coaching does not inspire everyone. And that’s okay.

Someone goes crazy with my writing style after the first couple of sentences, someone else thinks it’s written stupidly. And that’s okay.

If “everyone else” only liked my colleague and I thought that I shouldn’t write or train, then there should only be one expert per topic in Finland. Then everyone should only listen to one podcast host or one hockey coach.

It doesn’t make any sense, and when you look at it like this, it seems logically absurd.

But when it feels like we don’t like to take over, that’s another matter.

Does anyone read my posts? [Reader Question] Does-my

When we start writing a blog, we first get the impression that everyone wants to read our blog constantly.

Then when we write the first posts and see that readers are not coming in droves, we start to get disappointed and talk down to ourselves.

The truth is that the lack of readers is not Bahamas Phone Number List because of you, but because the readers do not yet know that your blog exists.

If a new newspaper were founded and sent as free distribution to every home, but the newspaper only had one opening,

  • how quickly the paper would have been read through
  • how much interest it would arouse
  • or how many would like to continue with a paid magazine? Does my

Hardly very many.

And once again my example seems logical Does my

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But when we talk about blogging, this is where the newbie bloggers Does-my fall down.

  • They just publish one blog post and excitedly share it with everyone.
  • The first blog post just welcomes the readers to the blog.
  • The sequel will follow if enough people come to read the blog.

More on the subject: What should be written in the first blog post?

For almost 10 years, I have tried my part to prevent these situations from occurring. I’ve talked about why

  • you should build a blog strategically
  • the topic should be narrowed down
  • a clear and simple option is sufficient for the appearance
  • you should have at least 5 posts published before you start marketing the blog to others.

These instructions – even though I know  Phone Number List they are annoying – are only intended to prevent disappointment at the very beginning.

You might also like: How to create a visual brand for a blog?

However, these instructions also have another purpose.

Their goal is to help you create a blog that is also genuinely Does-my interesting to your readers Does my without boring you with useless theory Does my .

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