Second week

In the second week, I’m going to take advantage of the social sharing locker. Since the locker was made a week ago, it doesn’t take me more time than just sharing the post on Facebook. I usually have three different posts that I share at the same time (because there are already so many published posts), but even one post can get you started. Here you should make use of the most read posts, because they are of interest to your readers anyway.

Consistency is the key! The more regularly you remind people on social media that your blog exists, the more regularly and more you will get readers to your blog.

In the second week, I also schedule the

Rest of the social media posts on the desired channels.

7.3 Third week

The third week is very much like the second week. I share social media publications according to the social sharing calculator. This takes about 30 seconds Bahrain Phone Numbers List per blog post. If I share three blog posts in one day and 21 in a week, it takes about 10 minutes per week. So 10 minutes for marketing a blog post for the whole week! Marketing couldn’t be easier than this.

Sometimes it can happen that the second week I haven’t had time to schedule content on Pinterest. Since the other schedules are done, this third.

Week I can schedule a few posts on Pinterest

phone number list

7.4 Fourth week

In the fourth week, I will continue using the social sharing locker and sharing posts. Since all other content is scheduled, the work is quick and does Phone Number List  not burden other schedules. Although the majority of traffic comes through Google, without social media sharing, a significant portion of readers would be missed.

Rinse ‘n’ Repeat & from zero to 10000 readers per month

There is no point in trying to reinvent the wheel. All you have to do is take a couple of hours and follow these instructions. You will notice how quickly you can schedule the entire month’s social media posts from one blog post and enjoy the increased free time.

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