How do you blog and where do you blog?

Traditional marketing teachings mostly made me irritated, but then I came across a person named Tiia Konttinen. And that was it! Suddenly, a clear idea dawned on me about how I can honestly help people with their garden puzzles, instead of actively selling it, which is really challenging.

When I do it right, they themselves want to buy products and services from me! This was exactly what I had been looking for, so it didn’t take long to consider going along.

According to the instructions shared by Tiia in her blog and in the free course, I started to build a blog step by step. Everything was new, both technology and content production, but the instructions were clear and simple. I started the blog and when the opportunity came, I joined the Blogger to Professional™ training .

Writing in itself was not foreign to me, and when I learned in Tiia’s courses how to structure a functioning blog article, I think another hundred articles or article drafts were created for the blog in a couple of months. I had a huge number of topics that I wanted to write about and share information with readers.

How do you blog and where do you blog?

For me, blogging is work, it is a seamless part of business.  

For me, the framework should China Phone Number List always be constant, i.e. I prefer to always write at the same workstation. Of course, I do ideas elsewhere and take pictures of the topics I plan posts about. But I always do the actual writing work at the same desk on a desktop computer.

I can’t write in the hustle and bustle of people, but I miss silence and a familiar safe space around me.

What have you achieved by blogging?

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Starting a blog has been a revolutionary thing for my whole life and work!
I have gained enormous self-confidence Phone Number List  and faith in my own habits and thoughts about garden and environmental issues.

I myself have learned a lot of new things while writing posts, when I have to find answers to really challenging and difficult questions between readers and customers.

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