Have there been moments where you wanted to quit, what was it? And what kept you going?

I started the blog primarily to support the company’s marketing and sales, and it has fulfilled this goal beyond expectations. But in addition to that, it has raised my own work and what I do to a whole new level. Now I really feel like I’m doing expert work, and the great feedback I get from readers sometimes warms my heart to the point of tears.

Have there been moments where you wanted to quit, what was it? And what kept you going?

Of course, being an entrepreneur sometimes involves challenging situations, but stopping blogging has never crossed my mind. Rather, it’s a way for me to get over the low point and the feelings of inferiority that you sometimes experience as an entrepreneur.

When I start writing an article, I think France Phone Number List about its structure, I look for pictures, I look for factual information on the subject, etc., I forget my worldly troubles for a while and I focus fully on what I’m doing.

In autumn 2019, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Heavy treatments, major surgery, cytostats, radiation therapy and five years of medication lay ahead. And, of course, a terrible fear of the future. I had to stay on sick leave at the beginning of November, which lasted until the end of April.

I wasn’t able to invest in the company at all, with the help of the family, only the acute processing of online store orders could somehow be handled.

However, even during this period, the blog worked on its own in terms of marketing. Evergreen articles were read, although I couldn’t write anything new at all, and I hardly share old ones on social media. Without the blog, we would certainly have been in financial trouble, but the blog, built carefully and with professional instructions, served as marketing support without any care.

This experience confirmed that I will never give up blogging! I feel that it is the cornerstone of our company, without which the whole thing would collapse quickly.

How has your blog developed?

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I started the Pihalla  Auring  Tahtiin blog in the spring of 2017. During the first year, there were more than 23,500 readers (Google Analytics New users).

    • 2018: 48,200
    • 2019: 116,000
    • 2020: 142,000

And so in the fall of 2019 I got sick and the blog was left to its own devices for a long time. The recovery period continued in 2020 and was still effective Phone Number List  in 2021, but despite the very low pace of publication, the evergreen articles brought readers to the blog and 120,000 new visitors in 2021 as well.

Pihalla Auringon Tahti’s blog is also a pillar of our online store (auringontahti.fi). From the blog, we link to the products of the online store and income comes through that. The importance of the blog in marketing has been enormous. In 2017, our online store had just under 10,000 visitors a year.

In 2020, it was already 33,148. Of course, many factors have influenced this, e.g. the expansion of the product range, but practically all online store marketing has taken place through the blog. That’s why I consider it to play a really significant role in the increase in the number of visitors to the online store.

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