How do you write a blog post?

With almost 10 years of experience, I can say that you should choose only one of the three goals for the post. The post

  • bring you readers (increases awareness)
  • grow your email list
  • bring sales.

All of these are easy to measure, and of course other goals can be defined around them. But, for example, simply reinforcing expertise is pointless unless you can turn expertise into money in some way.

Once a reader comes to your blog, you never know when they’ll come back the next time. Therefore, it would be safest to direct readers to your email list so that you can reach them later.

It would be easy to assume that choosing a goal between

The three would be simple. But many bloggers and entrepreneurs get lost in wanting everything. They write an overly generic or commercial post that Japan Phone Number List doesn’t get exposure or shares and doesn’t generate income.

It’s not their fault. It is very typical for us humans to want a lot at the same time. But in blogging, that’s just not wise.

The one-goal tactic also makes the writing task easier. You know what you are writing and who you want to reach.


Once you know what you want to achieve with How do you a

phone number listv

The blog post, it’s time to define the metrics. You can define them yourself, but if you want to get a little easier, here are the proven metrics:

  • Increasing the number of readers (reading times, page downloads or shares)
  • Growing the email list (subscription conversion or number of people who joined the email list)
  • Sales (number of contacts, online course unit sales or affiliate product commission)

So there are several options, and once again Phone Number List  I recommend choosing only one. Personally, I generally follow the number of readings if I want to increase the number of readers.

When it comes to growing an email list, I track opt-in conversion versus how many people have read a post in a certain time period.

In sales, I track affiliate commissions for affiliate products and unit sales for online courses. I have built a sales pipeline for online courses through Google Analytics, so I can easily see how many of the readers of a certain blog post buy the course.

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