In this case, you should primarily

Plugins can go to several places in WordPress. Other add-ons appear directly in the link list of the control view, on the left side of the browser.

Still others can go behind a link. For example, by moving the mouse over the “Settings” link, a new link list will open for you, with some of the add-ons.

For example, in the image below, PrettyLinks andSocial Pug(now Grow by Mediavine) plugins are visible in the actual link list, but Cookie Consent has slipped behind the Settings link.

At first this can be really confusing. I myself remember that sometimes I looked for some add-on for half an hour and was in pain when I couldn’t find it anywhere.

However, all add-ons can be found behind the “Add-ons” link.

Important things to remember:

  • Always remember to update your addons when a new update is available.
  • Only use the add-ons that are really necessary.
  • The more add-ons you have (and especially unused ones), the slower the download speed will be.
  • Disable unused plugins.

Sometimes two add-ons do not “get along” and Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List then some function does not work properly.

In this case, you should primarily google and search for information why something doesn’t work (e.g. “Why does commenting give a notification ………”). You may also have to search for information in English.

There’s a very good chance that if you run into a problem with WordPress, someone else has run into it, asked about it, and gotten an answer. That’s why it’s useless to spend time worrying. By searching for the answer on Google, you will find a solution to the problem pretty quickly.

Here is a list of add-ons…

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…which are useful, but I’ll stick to just a few this time. These are already a good start:

  • Yoast SEO | An SEO add-on that helps ensure your SEO is on point.
  • Headers and Footers | You can add e.g. the Google Analytics code safely to this add-on.
  • Akismet | Spam filter.
  • Jetpack | Statistics and the possibility to order posts directly to your email.
  • PrettyLinks | Shortens affiliate codes and helps track statistics.
  • Maintenance | Building a coming soon page, creating an expectation before the blog is published.
  • Disqus | Possibility of discussion and commenting.
  • GDPR Cookie consent | Although Phone Number List  according to the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority this is not mandatory, I think it increases transparency and builds trust.
  • Cache | You can clear the blog’s cache, so that the reading and user experience remains good.
  • Grow by Mediavine | Post sharing buttons that allow readers to share posts on Facebook.
  • Broken Link Checker | Check your blog twice a year for broken links. Don’t use this plugin all the time because it is heavy and slows down the loading of posts.

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