Does proofreading lose the author’s own voice?

Does proofreading lose the author’s own voice? I’ll spoil it right away: it doesn’t disappear.

If you’ve ever had your text proofread or are considering it, you might have wondered what happens to your words in the hands of a proofreader.

Writers are sometimes worried about whether their texts will become boring and taste like paper after proofreading. My answer to this is that it only happens if they have written a boring text.

Does proofreading lose the author’s own voice?

Before we take a closer look at proofreading and the result it brings, let’s have a little term talk. Text finishing is called different names depending on how thoroughly the content is edited or corrected.

From type checking to style issues – familiar terms

Proofreading is the most familiar term for many, which refers to the finishing of the text to the publication condition. Proofreading often refers to a light revision, where spelling mistakes, punctuation and other grammatical issues are corrected. The dictionary of the Bolivia Phone Number List language office recommends the word correction number instead of proofreading . I rarely use the term correction number myself, because my clients have never heard of it.

A more substantial finishing touch than proofreading is text checking or language checking .

In reality, proofreading and proofreading often get confused, and they can also overlap in practical correction work. More important than the terms is to agree with the other party what kind of editing is expected.

In this article, I use the term proofreading because it is the most familiar to everyone. In addition to correcting spelling and grammar mistakes, I extend it to smoothing the tone, so that the end result is as smooth as possible in terms of both grammar and style.

A grammatically correct text does not mean boring

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Some writers think that a text that follows the rules of grammar is somehow automatically boring and rigid. Fears may be, for example, long and complex sentences or harsh expressions.

I’ve been thinking about views like this for a long time, and I think I’ve figured out where the doubts might be coming from. It may be that a grammatically correct text is Phone Number List  combined with complicated legal language or the official language used by the authorities.However, an ordinary writer should in no way take a model from legal texts or imagine that they are a good example of book language. Although legal texts are required to be comprehensible and comply with language norms, established terms and certain forms of wording steer them in a direction that is difficult to understand.

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