Likewise this digital transformation

The most important thing is to get them to consider that planning is no longer a matter of years in the future. Five-year strategic plans no longer make sense a review of business management models and tools which must be simple adaptable and flexible. Among other things we refer to innovative efficient and global applications. With them, employees will have more freedom to make the right decisions by providing real-time information with the right metrics. Aspects that influence the digital transformation of a company New managers and mobile companies In addition.

The new technology manager must have a broad

Perspective that allows him to transform technical capabilities into business opportunities. All of this adds to his knowledge in operational Benin Phone Number Database finance marketing consumer experience and market monitoring. If former company managers in many cases did not worry about what was happening outside the organization then new managers must do the opposite and lead thinking about external factors that affect the company.

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Polish British philosopher and sociologist

Bauman gave a lecture on Liquid Modernity at the beginning of the 1990s in which he observed in a very critical way how globalizing capitalism was destroying the solidity of industrial society. There are no permanent ties in fluid modern life. Whatever we occupy for a period of time must be loosely tied so that it can be untied again as quickly Benin WhatsApp Number List and easily as circumstances change, says Bauman. Extrapolated to the business world this means we are moving towards a new type of company which we might also call a liquidity company.

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