Making a proposal

We took some time to package the service. For most interior designers, the service packages have the same style and the pricing goes hand in hand.

That’s why it’s difficult to stand out, and very typically new customers come through push radio. Puskaradio also worked for my client, but he didn’t want to rely on it alone. You never know what will happen and that’s why he wanted a “bank” of potential customers, from which he can pick up customers as needed.

In the proposal, we took the following into account:

  • the end result desired by the customer avatar
  • available time
  • one distinguishing factor
  • price

One of the most important tasks of the warm-up was to get the potential customer to react to the messages. In the messages, the intention was not to sell directly, but to get in touch, answer a question and open a conversation with a potential customer.

After this, the customer is validated with a series of questions

The goal of the questions was to find out how quickly the customer is ready to make a purchase decision. We didn’t want to fill the January-February appointment Iceland Phone Number List calendar with people who wouldn’t need to buy until summer or fall.

Another reason why we wanted to preheat and extend the whole process was that now we got the end customers to contact the entrepreneur.

So we didn’t chase customers, but harnessed the customers to do the work for us. This freed up the entrepreneur’s time to produce the service and exceed expectations.

Once the customer was validated, they were suggested a Teams call. During the call, my client was able to feel how cooperation with a potential client feels. If the cooperation felt good, he gave a proposal at the end of the call and proceeded to sign the contract.

If he got the feeling that cooperation was not a good option, he did not give an official offer but a significantly more expensive package, in which case he knew that the customer would not buy the service from him.

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The whole process is quite successful, although I admit that at one point I had to think quite a lot about how to get customers to contact me. Sometimes things have to be rotated several times in order to get a functioning whole.

Why did the project succeed so well?

I believe that the biggest reason is that we found a clear way for my client to stand out from the rest. Instead of having a homepage similar to everyone else’s, now he has something on the page that will attract the attention and interest of a potential customer.

This project took a total of 3 months. Our cooperation

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Ended at the end of March and I asked in the middle of April how the calendar looks like.

Appointments are trickling in regularly without major marketing measures. My client directs people from social media to their website and from there to marketing automation. The rest will take care of itself.

After reading this post, you will understand that getting new customers can also be easy and automatic. Content marketing is an effective way to reach your target audience in the channels you choose and build a strong brand presence online.

By developing a clear content marketing strategy, creating quality content and using different marketing techniques, you can stand out from the competition and achieve your goals.

  • Perhaps you want to increase your company’s turnover to 100,000 euros per year.
  • Or maybe you want to increase sales enough that you no longer have to live “payday to payday”.

Perhaps you don’t have the time, resources Phone Number List  or motivation to prepare a long-term content strategy for your company that would serve you all year and thus facilitate marketing and the acquisition of new customers.

Perhaps you think that you will make a content strategy “after” you have enough time to devote yourself to it.

Or maybe you’re already doing content marketing right now, but it’s not producing the results you want.

And now you feel like there is no way out of this rabbit hole.

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