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It looks like we start to see the end of this and we have to see if we can absorb these changes like everyth relat to technology today these changes will eventually come a reality and then as a society we will realize it. Isidro Velis Isidro Velis accelerates change rather than slows it down. Get information, analyze prictions and make correct decisions. Trends of the Year Enterprise Resource Planning Technology and Trends.

Cloud While this is indeed shaping up to

Be the year of digital transformation. integration in business we do expect. Disruptive innovation to upend the business landscape. The main Taiwan Phone Number Database growth driver for the organization in 2019 will. e focused on the application, especially optimization of concepts known to professionals in the field. We have observed an exponential increase in the rate of adoption of technological change that fundamentally changes the way we do things.

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This is a time of opportunity for all companies

That adopt and are able to take advantage of new trends but on the other hand there are threats for those companies that are not clear about the scope of the current situation. An example of the challenge it represents is the pressure from the India Phone Number List regulatory environment for the second year in a row. Although a large part of Spanish companies have already been affected, new ones emerge in 2020 that will affect all organizations in EU member states.

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