Accord to a recent study by Deloitte

Approximately people worldwide currently suffer from some form of mental illness. This numr is expect to double every year. It is estimat that this means 100 million people. Numrs don’t lie Over the next few decades the industry will have to deal with fundamental shifts in its operations as well as affect its own sustainability.

The new call to action What the main issues

That ne to address in the short term?  we can identify up to six. The first issue relates to the ne to keep health services profitable in a chang and uncertain economic environment. On the one hand the exist costs in our industry tend to Spain Phone Number Database increase mainly cause the demand for services is greatest in resource saturat environments. Stronger infrastructure is ne to support the growth in demand. Salary growth in the industry. The existence of treatments and mical advances does not always mean a ruction in costs but quite the opposite.

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On the other hand they show a downward

Trend in terms of income The main reason is a general decline in fund and financ. Shift from a quantity and response model to a value and prevention model. This means healthc organizations ne to find a balance tween the two Iceland Phone Number List without los sight of the quality of services they provide. It is for this reason that we go through a period of concentration in the industry as it is a way of increas the financial strength ne for the sustainability of the system.

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