It can interest to introduce a new product

Confirm our prototypes is necessary to check that the parts fit in place fore go into large-scale manufactur. For example, manufactur a sle part us classic injection is much more expensive than print. Limit Series It is possible to design and print limit series pieces without mak a large investment which is prohibitively expensive in current processes. To the market to check its acceptance and then put it into series production.

But it can also us to create custom

Pieces or to recycle ths that no longer exist on the market and have en discontinu. Mold mak works as expect It also simplifies mold mak and ruces the risks that can come with mak the wrong mold. We can perform as many tests as possible Luxembourg WhatsApp Number Database in a more economical way. vs Traditional Production Now we should analyze several factors to decide whether to use traditional manufactur process or print how many units we want to manufacture Us traditional manufactur the cost decreases exponentially the higher the numr of pieces the lower the manufacture cost.

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So if we mall quantities of parts print

Might a good option Are they large or small. Although we want to make a small numr of parts, the volume of each part is important and therefore a factor that must analyz fore decid. Are they complex or compact? Print allows us to make Japan Telegram Number parts that cannot made with traditional manufactur such as parts with holes or atypical shapes without hav to consider the possibility of not able to manufactur compactly and thus ruc their weight. Proper industrial support is a term we all rememr.

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