Paid advertising with a small budget

You shouldn’t take pressure from marketing your post, but it’s important to understand that if you share a post at 10 am on your own Facebook page with 150 followers, don’t be surprised if no readers show up.

In social media, the noise is loud, and the one who shouts the loudest usually wins. In the beginning, you should therefore regularly and consistently share your posts on your own social media channels. This is the first step.

Paid advertising with a small budget

Organic visibility in social media is almost zero . Especially if the publication has a link outside of social media.

I have been speaking out for this issue for years:

Advertise the blog post for a small amount on Facebook and/or Instagram. Start with a small daily budget of 5 euros and advertise the post for five days. Two things happen:

  1. Readers like the publication.
  2. Some of the likes will read the post.

Then proceed as follows:

  • Those who have liked the post are called likers South Korea Phone Number List of your Facebook page. Yes. You should invite people to like your page, because otherwise few like and follow.
  • After you repeat this a few times, start targeting people who like your page and people like them.

Rinse ‘n’ Repeat.

Little by little, your number of followers increases

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The number of blog readers increases, and you reach more and more new people all the time.

The more followers you get, the more you can increase your daily budget. Personally, I would increase the budget by 2–3 euros and stick to it for a few weeks and again increase the budget a little.

If you are familiar with Meta advertising, you can use the FB pixel and remarketing.


If you have collected an email list, you  Phone Number List can always send the latest post to them. Since I personally send the weekly newsletter once a week, I do this.

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