Search word in the first sentence

Frankly, this is annoying. The search word or phrase should be in the first paragraph and preferably in the first sentence. But at least for me it seems like a pointless repetition. After all, the reader has seen the title and the search phrase, so now it has to be pushed into the first sentence.

Well, I myself have solved this by going from where the fence is lowest. So I add the title directly to the first sentence. Although it’s a bit annoying, it’s an easier option than trying to rephrase the search phrase.

4. Internal linking

How many posts would get on the first page of Google search results if content producers linked their own posts to each other?

A couple of years ago I did one test. I wrote an affiliate post and optimized it for search engines. Although I got traffic to the post from Google quite commendably, I wanted to see what happens when I bombard the post with internal links.

Since there were a lot of posts and courses, I was able to Spain Phone Number List add a total of 92 internal links leading to this particular post. With the result that affiliate commissions doubled.

At some point, I started to disassemble these links. Now there are only 8 internal links to that same affiliate post.


The post brings affiliate commissions only every other month

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I don’t recommend adding ten links to each post. I teach strategic internal linking here . But as general advice, I can give that two internal links per blog post is enough.

I know. Maybe you imagined until now that it is Phone Number List  enough to just write and publish a post. But that it still has to be marketed?!

Yes. In exactly the same way as a company needs to be marketed, blog posts also need to be marketed. Because if no one knows your blog exists or where it’s located, how will they ever find it? The same thing if you invite a friend over but don’t tell them your address.

You shouldn’t take pressure from marketing your post, but it’s important to understand that if you share a post at 10 am on your own Facebook page with 150 followers, don’t be surprised if no readers show up.

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