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restriction of processing Rights Portability Your business management solution must include new management of rights exercised by interested parties to register exercised rights. The solution must help prevent any irregularities regarding the exercise of rights by the interested parties by issuing warnings at the most important moments when managing the data of the interested parties exercising their rights. As part of the general principle of active responsibility the controller and person responsible for treatment must keep records of activities.

The regulation details the data that must

Be collected in this register Companies with fewer than employees. Are not subject to this obligation. In addition it must include tools to monitor. Verify and analyze the processing of personal data. This way you can review all accesses and Bulgaria Phone Number Database modifications to your personal data. No additional configuration is required. You must log any access to or change made to a field that. Contains personal data before and after modification by the user. Who made the change and the date and time the change occurred.

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Business management procedures that generate

Activity reports must allow you to review records of personal. Data activity and manage the technical evidence applied to it. The regulation stipulates that the measures taken by these applications. Must be demonstrated to protect data by design Brazil WhatsApp Number List and by default. Such tools automatically provide evidence detailing all activities related to personal data performed by the user between two dates and all processing or activities performed by the user on the object over a period of time.

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