The digital transformation of business

These must be fluid and able to adapt and transform in response to external changes. Companies that are proactive, agile, open and innovative are in a constant process of change. This is thanks, among other factors, to technical and management techniques such as Lean. Don’t be fooled about what requirements you should make to adapt to  management. There may be more than 10 fields containing personal data. Preparing to adapt begins with determining what these fields are. And according to the regulations to identify all personal data you must include an indication in all fields of the database containing personal information.

The definition of personal data in the new

regulations should also include special categories of personal data when they exist. Tools are also needed to analyze this information. Aspects that impact a company digital transformation Responsibility Risk. Approach and process design Data Bolivia Phone Number Database protection regulations introduce two innovative principles Proactive accountability. The principle of active liability is described as a legal obligation which assumes that the data controller will adopt appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure and be able to demonstrate that processing complies with regulations.

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It is therefore particularly important to provide

evidence that these appropriate measures have been taken to comply with regulations. risk approach. The security priorities of vulnerabilities that must be focused on and the understanding of possible threats form a new focus of action Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List for companies striving to adapt. Monitoring any transition deletions experienced by access tracking data as well as profiling of access information can minimize the negative consequences implicit in the risk.

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