Yet this paradigm shift requires new

What matters most today the intangible assets, customer talent, intellectual property and the returns shholders receive from them. financial managers to not only adapt to change but also face it and most importantly lead it with a positive attitude and an open mind. The fact that the analysis shows that the market capitalization of companies in the S&P Index corresponds to the valuation of their intangible assets is clear evidence that globally competitive companies will soon come digital enterprises if they not already digital today.

This leaves CFOs the most relevant

challenges yond the industries in which they work. They must come the transformational drivers that move organizations toward the new digital order. To do this you must understand and promote this paradigm that creates value from strategies and United Kingdom Phone Number Database decisions that have a high-tech component but at the same time do not ignore the business and human components. It must come an active participant, fundamental enabler and prime mover of this change.

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For this it has powerful tools such as a general

Overview of the market and its own business, business data and figures, analytical tools to detect opportunities and threats, business Jamaica Phone Number List processes, costs and barriers, all this data. Prictive analytics that can us to detect trends can perform and cloud resources can shar and leverag to eliminate functional silos. But you also have to deal with changes in the functions and roles of individuals within the organization.

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