The First Industrial Revolution

And it seems to me that we currently witness a new paradigm Shift which means. The fourth turn of the screw and this is includ in what is call digital transformation. As with any change there always the naturally adaptable winners who manage. To move on and a fair numr of victims who end up disappear.  revolution gan in Britain at the end of the century with the. Introduction of the steam engine in the textile and steel industries. As well as in the countryside and other manufactur industries such as brew.

Railroads and ships set new

All this transform rural societies with economies bas on agriculture. And colonial trade into urban economies bas on industry and mechanization. Traditional secular power bas on superstition, church monarchy, feudalism, was constantly United States of America Phone Number Database challeng by new aspirations bas on rational equality and free ideas. The national army stopp hir mercenaries and institut compulsory military service and the old guild system no longer made sense as it came less and less manual.

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Book Industrial Revolution Text Second

Industrial Revolution Mid-century In the Second Industrial Revolution new engines bas on oil and gas replac energy sources plus the emergence of the first power plants and the introduction of light bulbs into homes incorporat new systems Jordan Phone Number List of transportation Ways like a combustion engine car or travel by air for the first time. Mia such as film and broadcast represent an unprecent. Change in mentality that has spawn a commercial. Expansion of series production and changes in the way it.

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