These are the main digital analytics tools

Nowadays, having digital analytics tools has become essential to measure the results of an online marketing strategy. These tools provide key information that allows us to understand the behavior of users on a web page, measure the success of advertising campaigns and optimize the performance of a website. This article will These are the. Main digital analytics tools present These are the the top 10 digital analytics tools that every marketing professional should know. 10 digital analytics tools you should know Each of these. Digital analytics tools is aimed at. Aspecific area of ​​web analysis , such as traffic, keywords, links, site performance or social media monitoring, among others. Of course, expert-level management of these digital analytics tools must fall into the hands of professionals like Proun.

Digital analytics tools you should know

Google Analytics Google Analytics is the first of our digital analytics tools because it is very complete and powerful. It allows obtaining detailed information about the behavior of users on a website . In addition, it also allows you to measure. The performance of advertising campaigns, user behavior on social networks and the impact. Of marketing Iran Phone Number Data strategies on the conversion rate. One of the advantages of Google Analytics is that its installation is simple and free , making it accessible to all types of users, from small businesses to large corporations. Google Search Console Google Search Console is a free tool that allows website owners to monitor the performance of their sites in .

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Google Search Console

Google search results . It also allows you to see the keywords used to find the site and verify the ownership of the site to improve its visibility in. Search results. Google Search Console is the second of our digital analytics. Tools because. It is essential affect the positioning of the site in search results. For example, if indexing. Similarly errors are Guatemala Phone Number List detected, they can be corrected so that Google can crawl the site. Correctly and improve its visibility in search results. Additionally, Google Search Console provides useful information about. The performance of site pages , which can help website owners improve user experience and optimize. Their content for relevant searches.

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