Third party cookies: how their disappearance in 2024 will affect your website

Google has announced that it plans to end third-party cookies in 2024, which is great news for user privacy but a major challenge for advertisers and digital marketers. The change to Google Analytics 4 and the GDPR and LOPD regulations have been important factors in this decision. In this article, we will talk about the disappearance of third-party cookies , their relationship with GA4 and how it will affect digital advertising and user experience. We will also explore solutions and strategies for online businesses in the face of cookieless. Third Party Cookies: why do they disappear? Third party cookies are tracking files that websites place on a user’s computer to track their online activity. These cookies are used by advertisers and digital marketers to show relevant ads to users based on their online behavior.

Solutions and strategies for online businesses

However, the use of these cookies has been questioned due to their impact on user privacy. The disappearance of third-party cookies responds to a search for greater privacy for the user and a revolution in digital advertising strategies . With the entry into force of the GDPR in 2018, new rules were established on the protection of Indonesia Phone Number Data personal data online. The LOPD , the law that regulates the processing of personal data in Spain, has also made a difference in this sense. Additionally, Google Analytics. which will replace the. Current version of Google Analytics, will not use third-party cookies. Instead, it will rely on an anonymous user ID and a machine learning model to analyze the data .

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How will cookieless advertising affect advertising?

This means that advertisers will have to find new ways to collect data about users and their behaviors. How will cookieless advertising affect advertising? The disappearance of third-party cookies represents a great challenge for digital advertising. These cookies are essential for. Programmatic advertising , which allows advertisers to show relevant ads Greece Phone Number List to users based on have to find new ways to collect data about users. Google has proposed alternative solutions for advertising in an environment without third party cookies. These include the use of anonymization techniques to protect user privacy and the use of. First party and second party data to display relevant ads.

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