These costs must be included in the payroll

Referring to the type of company that typically has no. Production process and focuses on purchasing, warehousing, and selling. It purchases products directly from manufacturers or imports. Them and sells them through its commercial segment to. Industrial corporate professionals or retail channels. To better capture the photos we will not. Include the food industry as it has its own dynamics. The traditions or experiences that have kept many companies in the. Market are being broken Nothing is certain Everything is changing.

Of course you seen gross and net pay

Appear on your pay stub The net amount is equal to the gross. Minus all these costs borne by the worker himself. The company is obligat to duct these concepts from workers. And subsequently resolve them on their behalf. They are therefore the items that appear when payroll is post. The amount and composition of the total wage bill. Depend Colombia Phone Number Database on the collective agreement. And individual contract conclud with the employee. It is important to remember that only workers law considers. That the concept of wages should be includ in this item.

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For example compensation and incurred

Expenses are not salary concepts and cannot be calculat in the account. Allowances cannot be calculate either they are recorde in another account and. For purposes of payroll accounting the salary and wages account will appear on the Chile WhatsApp Number List debit side as it represents an expense to the company. The social insurance of the person in charge of theĀ  company. Social insurance must be paid by the two entities that establish the employment. Relationship namely the employee and the employer.

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