This is how an introvert makes himself visible online | 5 tips

How an introvert makes himself visible online – 5 tips | “I’m an introvert. I’m not used to marketing myself and my skills, and I don’t want to put myself out there. How can I succeed as an entrepreneur?”

Would you believe me if I said I’m an introvert too? Especially if you watch my videos or live recordings, it’s hard to believe that I’m an introvert. But the truth is that the videos you see on Youtube have been re-shot many times.

Blogging has been a great way for me to highlight my own expertise, because I can write texts in the peace of my own home. And specifically in peace, that is, I get to think, reflect and plan before I write and publish my content.

Four years after becoming an entrepreneur, I started doing live on both Facebook and Instagram. It’s a long time and shows that being on display is not my strong point.

Before I started publicly doing live on social media, I used to do weekly live in our wonderful From Blogger to Professional™ FB community. The community was a familiar and safe place to practice being present. Only when I felt confident enough, I started giving live shows for others as well.

So I am living proof that even an introvert can be successful as an entrepreneur. And I’m certainly not the only entrepreneur who is an introvert.

This is how an introvert makes himself visible online | 5 tips

This post is for you if

  • you are an introvert and you want Germany Phone Number List to start or grow a business online and you are looking for different ways to stand out from the crowd
  • you are tired of spewing content here and there and would rather create genuine added value and be close to your potential customers
  • you feel that you don’t quite fit into the cold and hard business world and you want to find a way to market yourself that fits your values.

1 | Listen and be empathetic

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A large part of entrepreneurs strives to bring out their own opinion. However, it is more natural for introverts to listen and understand customers on a more and deeper level.

I myself often find myself thinking: ” Why can’t the Phone Number List customer move forward at this point, why does he get stuck and how can I help him move forward?” 

While this may sound like a waste of time, I promise you’ll thank me again.

We all want to be heard and seen. Therefore, as an introvert, your superpower is to listen to what is being said around you and only speak afterwards.

Ask your audience questions and give them the opportunity to share their own views and experiences. Show that you are genuinely interested in what your audience is sharing with you. And when it’s your turn to speak, people will be happy to listen to you because you cared about them first.

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