What is a blog? 13 facts and tips

What is a blog? As a noun, blog refers to a site, home page, or web page managed by an individual, company, or community. Text is written in the blog that is conversational and informative.

As a verb, blog or blogging means new textual content that is regularly added to websites.

What is a blog?

You’ve probably come across a blog at some point in your life. You go to Google, enter “easy salad dressing” in the search field and choose the most attractive option for you from the search results. If you skip periodicals and newspapers, you might end up with this text . Yes, it is a blog post or otherwise known as a blog article or article.

1. A brief history of blogging

The first official “blog” was founded in 1994 by China Phone Number List American student Justin Hall. At that time, a blog was considered more of a personal homepage than an official “blog”.

In 1997, Jorn Barger invented the term “weblog”, which he used to refer to “logging the web”. In 1999, “weblog” was shortened to “blog” by Peter Merholz.

I was able to publish my own thoughts and people will be happy to read them.

2. Blog and post, what’s the difference?

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So a blog is a website or one part of a homepage. A post is a single piece of text published on a blog. I always laugh when I read on social media that “I published a new blog!”, because I wonder how many separate blogs or websites this person might have…


The posts do not officially have their own Phone Number List  unique domain, but are a continuation of the official domain. For example, the web address of this post is

If I were to type only “mika-on-blogi” into the browser, I wouldn’t be able to get to this post.

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