What exactly is a blog post or blog article?

The most challenging of all are the blog posts where you try to tell everything about the subject. For example, very often new bloggers (myself included) tell the whole day’s events in one blog post. But it’s hard to follow such a post, because we can’t write all the information in one post, but we move from one topic to another quickly. In this case, there may be gaps in the day that are difficult for the reader to fill.

Instead, the day can be divided into, for example, five different narrower topics and each event can be written in its own post. This way we get deeper into that event and the content is logical for the reader.

5. What is the difference between a blog and a homepage?

If you are familiar with blogs and China Phone Number List blogging, you may have sometimes wondered what the difference between a blog and a website actually is. In practice, the blog is one part of the homepage. However, I emphasize the blog in my speeches and writings, as it plays a bigger role than official websites.

Home pages typically have these pages:

  • front page
  • take contact
  • Start here
  • information (about the company, association or personnel)

The blog is one addition to this list. In practice, a blog and a home page do not differ from each other in any way. You can make a homepage and if you don’t add a blog there, it’s just a homepage. But if you add a blog, you can talk either blog or home page with the term.

6. What kinds of blogs are there?

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In theory, you can have blogs and write about any topic. The important thing is that the topic interests you as a writer and is in demand, meaning that readers are also interested in it.

If there are 100 people in Finland who Phone Number List  are interested in the topic, you will surely get them interested, but it is difficult to get income from a blog like this. So try to find a topic that has more demand and then narrow down the topic precisely so that you stand out enough from other blogs .

If you need ideas on what kind of blog you can start, download 101 blog topics (pdf) here .

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