When I knew the topic, the answer to the

“Could you build a successful blog on this topic?”

I quickly picked up my cell phone and headed to Google. Search words after search words. No. Any. Only. Blog. About the subject.

Sure, there can be blogs, but at Cyprus Phone Number List least Google didn’t find them. Next, I checked with Google’s keyword tool how much information is searched for on the topic.

And that’s what we’re looking for.

The competition is plentiful and the price offer is high. This means that with the right search engine optimization and a couple of secret methods, I can quickly get my blog to the top of the search results.

Next, I look for affiliate products around the topic. Yes. I can also sell advertising space on my blog if you feel like it. Google Adsense ads would also suit the topic well.

When I knew the topic, the answer to the

Question, i.e. the dream reader, took shape. After that it was really easy to define the things I write about. There are only five of them. I already found 12 different blog post topics around these five things. I know in which social media channel I market the blog (there is only one of them) and how I attract people to become readers.

The topic interests me, but I have no experience with it. The only thing that drives you forward is a strong desire and curiosity.

How can you make money with a precisely defined blog topic?

I’ll use the dog blog I introduced at the beginning of this post as an example. It can be used as a means of earning, for example

Affiliate marketing

A page can be made for the blog, where

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products suitable for the topic are collected. Products can be categorized to make them easier to find. Below are three examples of such pages:

  • This is how you start a blog for less than 100 euros
  • 13 online course and sales platforms in comparison
  • Why does a blogger need a media card?

Commercial collaborations

At the beginning, you can start to attract  Phone Number List smaller local pet stores and services for dogs as partners. It is important to build a close relationship with these partners and serve them as well as possible.

You can ask partners for feedback and testimonials, which you can add to e-mails when you acquire more partners.


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