Blogger is fairly simple to use, especially

If ou have a toothache and you go to the dentist, do you want the dentist to fix the problem or do you want him to send you home with a prescription for Burana and hope that it will fix itself?

Too often I come across situations where people are supposed to deal with problems on their own. I don’t mean that we are stupid or incapable of solving problems. Sometimes solving a problem just requires information or tools, which it would be good to know in advance. Especially when it’s something you’re doing for the first time or where you have to go outside your comfort zone.

Blogger is fairly simple to use, especially

Now that it is available in Finnish. Even so, someone who is setting up a blog for the first time can get a finger in the mouth.

Even starting your first blog is scary, and you keep thinking that you don’t want to make mistakes. After the blog has been created, you will notice that the Croatia Phone Number List name and domain of the blog has cursed green . You go back to the FB group and ask for help. This time, no one can advise you because they haven’t come across a similar problem themselves.

You may feel stupid even though it’s not your fault. If someone in the group had told you in advance that “otherwise the blog address cannot be corrected afterwards”, you would have made an additional check before starting the blog.

It is completely impossible to know what others are thinking. Therefore, anticipating such information is also challenging for those in the Facebook group. BUT! You decide that you will turn this problem into a win. You start looking for information on how to correct the blog address.

When you have to find and apply information yourself, you are an “expert” compared to others. You can write a blog post where you show others how to solve a problem and immediately get readers interested in your topic.

If the problem cannot be solved, you can write in the post in CAPITAL LETTERS the mention that “remember to check the address one more time before starting the blog. The address cannot be changed afterwards”.

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5. By choosing something unusual: “Think Outside The Box”

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You would think that outside of more than 154 million blogs, there is no longer a single topic that has not been written about. Think again.

I have started building a new blog  Phone Number List  alongside this one. I wanted to do it because I wanted to put the method I was teaching to the full test and test it in a subject area that I myself am not familiar with.

The blog was established 2 weeks ago, but is still in maintenance mode for the time being. For two weeks I struggled with exactly the same things as everyone else:

I’m starting to figure out the answers to these questions. On Sunday, I sat on the couch at home with a cup of coffee in my hand and thought feverishly about what topic I should blog about. My eyes fell on a magazine that I used to order from Jenkei. A few more issues from 2015 were sitting on my bookshelf.

I picked up one of the magazines and started flipping through it in frustration. Suddenly, my eyes fell on an ad and a light bulb went on in my head.


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