Why did you become a blogger?

I had already tried a blog before, but then I realized that it wasn’t my thing. I couldn’t even figure out what the hell to write there. The idea of ​​a diary-like “today the sun shone, I plucked a carrot bed” conversation seemed really stupid and a waste of time

The first blogging attempt actually Why did you failed because it felt completely pointless and unnecessary.

2015, after 10 years of entrepreneurship, I was at a crossroads as an entrepreneur. After the initial upward development, the income had started to drop downwards and the whole thing started to feel mostly like a pointless drill. I considered quitting very seriously, but then I decided to “give one more chance” to myself and Sun Star.

I gave myself 5 years

During which time I would try my best to make the company work. I decided to get the help I needed (I’m one of those people who try to do everything UK Phone Number List by themselves) and also to go briskly outside my comfort zones


The first step was to start studying the basics, that is, I went to complete the Entrepreneur’s Vocational Degree in the spring of 2016. There, the business plan was completely redesigned and I got good guidelines for the continuation.

One big thing about the training was that the teachers

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Were really encouraging and when even experienced entrepreneurs praised my ideas and plans, it did a lot of good for my self-esteem. Maybe I wasn’t as stupid and bad as I had imagined… Then, after the training. I wandered around in the wonderful world of the internet, looking for tips and advice. Especially for social media and online marketing and sales. My big problem was and is that I don’t like selling anything to people.
Traditional marketing teachings mostly made me irritated, but then I came across a person named Tiia Konttinen. And that was it! Suddenly, a clear idea dawned on me about how I can honestly help people with their garden puzzles, instead of actively selling it, which is really challenging. Why did you become a blogger?

When I do it right, they themselves Phone Number List  want to buy products and services from me! This was exactly what I had been looking for, so it didn’t take long to consider going along.

Everything was new, both technology and content production, but the instructions were clear and simple. I started the blog and when the opportunity came, I joined Why did you the Blogger to Professional™ coaching

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