Although automation seems boring and

If at any point the person does something, such as opening a new message, clicking a new link or forwarding the message, the automation starts over. This all happens in the background, and the person in question does not know anything about this. He won’t receive any messages, because it’s just tags.

Once a person has been transferred to the list to be removed, these people can be removed up to four times a year. This way your email list stays in good shape. If you have a lot of people on your list who never open anything, before long your message delivery will decrease.

Personally, I prefer to keep the list small but active rather than large and poorly functioning. Although I make sales through the email list from time to time, basically I also offer tips and lessons, which I never share here on the blog side.

In order for the first automation to start, remember to click the “Active” button in the upper right corner of the automation.

Engagement Tagging – Part 2

When you have completed the first automation, make a new automation for the second part. Here you can choose which actions the person can perform in order to be marked as an active subscriber.

I myself have chosen the following Chile Phone Number List functions for this automation:

open any message I send through Active Campaign

click any link in any post

visits the From Blogger to Professional™ site. If a person takes any of these actions. He becomes an active……then he automatically exits the first automation.

Although automation seems boring and

phone number list

perhaps unnecessary, you understand its necessity at the point when you have thousands of people on your list but the open rates are around 20%. There is nothing more frustrating than sending a message to 10,000 people that only 2,000 people open. However, you pay 10,000 for the address to Active.

With this automation, you remove those people who no longer open your messages, reduce costs and increase open rates.

Finally, I would like to remind you that if you Phone Number List  want me to do this automation for you. It can be done for free when you start using Active Campaign through my affiliate link (*) .

If you need help, contact us with a low threshold .

In other words, you shouldn’t try to hide this point, because if you claim that you have used my affiliate link and you haven’t, I will charge a fee for doing the automation. But if we act in a mutually beneficial way, I won’t charge you anything.

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