Why should the topic of the blog be limited?

This is how you define a blog topic in 5 minutes. “How can a precise definition of the topic help me write posts when I don’t even know what I’m writing about right now?!”

Thanks to my lovely reader who sent me this question. The question was not unique, but I hope that after this post, this type of question will decrease.

Not that I don’t want to answer them but that this post would help as many people struggling with the same thing as possible.

This is how you define a blog topic in 5 minutes

I know the feeling of wanting to keep all doors open. Many people fear that if you limit the blog topic too much, a large part of the readers will disappear from the blog and never come back. However, I believe that 1000 engaged readers is always better than 10,000 readers who don’t really care what you write.

Why should the topic of the blog be limited?

Defining a blog topic gives you a structure for developing your blog. It gives readers a chance to get to know you and stay on the blog for a longer period of time. Readers also like to come back because they know you have the information they need.

If you are interested in dogs or are about Colombia Phone Number List to get your first dog, which blogger do you trust and whose blog do you follow? “Silly salad blog” writes “general nonsense”. The posts have no grip, the reader gets no help, and the only benefit is the entertaining content or writing style.

The dog blog, on the other hand, gets a committed reader because the content helps and benefits the reader in many ways. A well-defined blog is also easy to productize, which means it’s easier to generate income through it. When you read this post to the end, I will also show you how to productize a narrowly defined blog.

5 tips on how to narrow down a blog topic in 5 minutes

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Take out a pen, paper and 5 minutes of uninterrupted time. If you want, you can leave this page open and check the assignment. Read through each point one by one. Before Phone Number List  moving on to the next point, list everything that comes to mind. You can set the phone to alarm in 1 minute, which creates “pressure” on the brain to work quickly.

Oh yes, put your cell phone on silent and your laptop/tablet/computer closed to eliminate other distractions around you. Then let’s move on!

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