Keep your email list in good shape with Engagement automation

Keep your email list in good shape with Engagement automation. Being on the email list is always voluntary.

Asking for permission can be done in several different ways. But in this post I want to focus on how you take good care of your own email list.

Even if someone leaves your list, their data will remain in the system, unless you delete them yourself. And if you have hundreds or even thousands of people on your email list, deleting individual people can be an inexorably difficult task.

Fortunately, there is automation for this,

Another important part of maintaining a list is that you don’t want to send messages to people who won’t even open them.

The reason I recommend this is that Cayman Islands Phone Number List you pay every month even for those who don’t open your messages. So why keep these people on the list to drive up costs?

Before we go to the actual topic. I would like to remind you that if you use my affiliate link when purchasing Active Campaign (*), as a thank you. I will do this kind of automation for you for free. The same offer is valid. Whether you are just starting to collect an email list or want to switch from another program to an Active user. Contact us with a low threshold, and we’ll talk more .

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Keep your email list in good shape with Engagement automation

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Automation ” in the upper right corner.

I received both automations immediately, but if you can’t find automations, you can search for them via the ” Search recipes ” function in the upper corner of the pop-up. Click on the “ Part 1 – Engagement Tagging ” image and then “ Continue ”.

Automation doesn’t need a “trigger” to start, so you don’t need to add anything to it. There are several points in automation, so let’s go through them  Phone Number List next. The automation s ready and all you have to do is change how many days the tags are added and removed. The first one is good to be 14 days and you can define the other two yourself.

  1. a person performs an action, the “Engaged” tag is added to him. Such actions include, for example, opening a message, clicking a link or forwarding the message to a friend.
  2. After this, another tag “Recent activity” is added to the person, which means that the activity is recent.

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