Narrowing down the current topic as much as possible

List all the things you want to write about. –> Don’t censor anything, just write all the thoughts.

Try to group things under bigger topics. –> If it makes it easier, you can number smaller things with numbers 1–5. It is not worth classifying in more than five subjects (i.e. categories).

Choose the three topics that resonate the most from the list. –> Which three of these five big topics cause you joy, interest, curiosity or emotions? Mark them with a star and stick to them.

Even if you limit the topics like this, it doesn’t mean that you can never write about other topics. Blogging develops, thoughts refine and your interests change. Give yourself room to grow and develop as a blogger. When you know what you’re writing about, it doesn’t matter if the topic changes in a year. New and real readers will find you.

2. Narrowing down the current topic as much as possible

In the From Blogger to Professional™ training, I use the example below of how topic delineation works in blog posts:

Jacket → Women’s jacket → Women’s light jacket → Women’s light spring jacket → Light blue light spring jacket for women

The light blue light spring jacket for women may already be too narrow. But as an idea this works well. In any case, countless different blog posts can be written on the topic. The more detailed the information, the more help and benefit the reader will get.

Among other things, you can write the following things about spring coats:

  • choosing a spring coat for a job interview –> how to create a professional first impression
  • choosing a spring jacket for a party –> type of party, fabric material of the jacket
  • choosing a spring jacket for a day Costa Rica Phone Number List of shopping –> comfortable to wear and suitable both outside and inside (so that it doesn’t get hot inside and cold outside)
  • washing the spring coat –> are there any differences in the instructions?
  • spring coat maintenance –> how do you extend the service life of the coat?
  • price comparison of spring jackets –> the best jackets in terms of price-quality ratio
  • and so on.

Sure, it would be possible to write a general post dealing with all these things, but you won’t get deep enough in one post, and the content will remain superficial.

3. By finding your passion

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Passion + your ability + desire to help others = focus / limitation

Anyone can blog about anything. But if you can’t help people with your writing, you’ll never get yourself a fan. A fan who wants to come back to your blog. Now you might think that “I have no passion for anything and I’m not really good at anything and I can’t help people…” And Phone Number List  I say I’m bullshitting. Yes it is, Yes you are and Yes you can!

Where are you better than others? What are the things people ask you time and time again or what do they ask you for help with? Which subject is child’s play for you? These tell about your abilities.

Have you experienced challenges in your life? Have you had to deal with situations where you wished someone had told you how to act? These are the things where you can help others.

No one is born a blacksmith. Everyone can help others with their own example. You don’t need to know everything about the topic you’re writing about. It is enough that you know more than the reader at the beginning. Your knowledge, skills and abilities will grow little by little.

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