The professional leaves the author’s voice visible

Examples of official language are, for example, Kela’s letters or the decisions of the Tax Administration. They may also rely on wording taken from legal texts or use long sentences to ensure that the content is exactly correct. In this case, the message may sound incomprehensible Kapula, which is not in accordance with the current guidelines of language maintenance.

In fact, an official language campaign was launched in 2014, the aim of which is to improve the readability of official texts. One of the practical remedies is to avoid excessively long and heavy sentences. So it’s not worth thinking that a text in accordance with current language recommendations favors length and complexity.

Proofreading improves the credibility of the text

We all know how to become blind to our own mistakes. When we read our texts, the background information and interpretations are already in our minds, so we easily ignore the illogicalities without noticing them. An outsider, on the other hand, sees the text with fresh eyes, so to speak, and mistakes pop up immediately.

A language professional knows how to Benin Phone Number List look at the text as a whole and edit it in such a way that the message is as comprehensible and stylistically functional as possible. Fluent and linguistically flawless text exudes professionalism and convinces the reader. When the reader’s attention is on the content and not on grammatical errors, the message gets across better and the author appears in a positive light.

If you don’t follow the changes in the language yourself, a professional is also helpful in that the revised text complies with the current standards of the language. The recommendations change, and parallel forms can be accepted alongside the old rules. A professional can also decide whether the old or new standard fits the text in question better.

The professional leaves the author’s voice visible

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If you’re still wondering whether your own voice as a writer will disappear after proofreading, your fear is completely unnecessary. Even after the grammar Phone Number List  stuff, you still sound like yourself but clearer. Observance of grammar does not make the text boring, but the main reason is the content. When you imagine a text according to grammar, forget legal texts and Kela’s letters. Instead, think about your favorite novel or a personal report in a newspaper. Their language is usually lively and attractive, but still conforms to grammar standards.



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