Finland optimizes their website with the term

Search engine optimization is not difficult, and I have developed a special writing process for this , with the help of both

  • post structure
  • catchy headline
  • and 80% of SEO has been done at the same time.

This way you only do the work once (you write according to my writing process) and speed up content production.

Here are some student feedbacks:

12-month strategy for €100,000 turnover

1. Business model

If you’ve been an entrepreneur for a while, you probably already have a business model that you use to make sales. But sometimes it can be good to check and refine your own business model.

There are several alternatives, and I Hong Kong Phone Number List discuss these in more detail in my training. It is important that you do not choose a business model that is too complicated, because it is challenging to maintain and grow it alone.

In practice, the idea of ​​the business model is to clarify how the blog and the entire company bring you money.

Read more: Does a blog have to have a business model (and what is it anyway)?

2. Marketing calendar and content strategy

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With the help of the annual clock and the content strategy, you plan the campaigns throughout the year. The annual clock helps you make regular sales.

I know that many look Phone Number List  down on making an annual watch, because they cannot “predict the future”. This is true, but the plan of the annual clock is precisely anticipation of the future. When you plan campaigns in advance, you know when you will get sales.

For example, during the year you can direct readers and potential customers from the blog to your email list and do sales campaigns through it.

If you sell services, you can direct from each blog post to contact you or directly to the appointment calendar.

You can still break the month down to weekly level and distribute sales to different weeks and different channels, for example

  • campaigns on Instagram in one week,
  • next week on the email list
  • and the third on Facebook.

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