The website must have a phone number, street address and

Emphasize expertise. If the company works as a subcontractor, mentioning recommendations is useful in building trust. Mentioning a well-known partner helps in building a positive image.

Show the honest and reliable people behind the site. Honesty and standing behind one’s words can be shown with pictures or text, for example by highlighting employees’ family backgrounds or hobbies.

Make it easier to get in touch.  email address.

The appearance must be appropriate. The website designer should pay attention to the layout, typography,images and consistency. The visual appearance must be appropriate.

The website must be easy to use and useful for the user.

The website must be current and updated .

The use of advertisements must be restrained. Advertising should be avoided. If there are advertisements on the site, they must be clearly distinguished from the page’s own content.Pop-up ads annoy the user and reduce credibility.

Avoid all kinds of mistakes. Typos and broken links reduce the site’s reliability.The site must be accessible and functional.

The correct address structure helps to get readers in the future as well

After this, the next step is the address structure of the post, i.e. the article. This is extremely important because this can have a significant impact on how diligently people read old posts in the future.

NOTE! If you already have a WordPress blog and after reading this post you realize that your blog’s address structure is incorrect, never ever change the address structure yourself . IF you want to change the address structure later, ALWAYS hire a professional to do this work .

The address structure of the post can be found in the control view of WordPress

  • Settings
  • and Address structure (Permalinks)
  • Select Post name from the list .

Many put the date or year in the address Hong Kong Phone Number List structure. However, this is not desirable because when people search for information on Google, they automatically want to find the latest information. No matter how great a post you have, if a reader sees that the address says /2015/07/11/ , they won’t read the post if a newer post is available.

This is why it is very important that the address structure DOES NOT contain anything other than the name of the post.

If the address has e.g. p=123, this does not tell Google anything about the content of the post . In terms of search engine optimization, Google must also find a search word or phrase (long tail keyword) in the address of the post, i.e. in the permalink .

The appearance of the blog and the entire site

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Did you know that a visitor to a website and blog makes a decision about the layout of the website within 50 milliseconds and decides whether it is worth staying on the website for a longer period of time?

This is indeed the case, especially for a target group that uses the Internet a little.

This means that the Phone Number List  visitor makes the biggest decision about the trustworthiness of the site based purely on appearance.

. That’s why the layout of the website and blog should be designed to please the reader.

For example, these things should be taken into account in the appearance of the website and blog:

  • Structured content (short sentences, paragraphs, ease of reading)
  • White space
  • Uniform images
  • Harmonious color theme

According to Ahmad et al. (2010, 2.), the use of flashing images and excessive colors weakens trust. So let’s forget those old banners and neon colors! Finnish users find a “clean” and clear appearance to inspire confidence. When a website is pleasing to the eye, it’s easier to trust. (Karvonen 2000, 87.)

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